Shipping / refund policy

Delivery of First Issue

Magazine subscriptions typically take 8-12 weeks to start. This is the industry standard wait time, and varies from publisher to publisher and the frequency of the magazine ordered. As a general rule, you can expect titles which are published more frequently to arrive quicker than titles published bi-monthly or quarterly. Please also keep in mind that most magazine publishers will print issues in advance and pre-address those advance issues to their current subscribers. In some cases, this advance printing can result in a delay in the arrival of your first issue. has no control over delivery and has no access to any information relating to your delivery. Any problems with delivery should be notified to the publisher. If you are concerned about delivery in any way and have not been able to get a satisfactory response from the publisher then please do contact We will use reasonable efforts to make sure that your concerns are dealt with. If at any time during your subscription you change address you should also notify the publisher directly.

Change of Address

Please notify us as quickly as possible should you have a change of address. Please send all address changes to our customer service department noting the magazines ordered, your old address and your new address. Please ensure you have a change of address on file with your postal service as address changes are not immediate with the publishers due to advance printing and pre-addressing of issues.

Cancellations and refunds

If you wish to cancel within seven working days of placing your order, please contact as soon as possible via our contact request form. If the order has not yet been sent to the publisher we will cancel it immediately. If you paid by credit or debit card we will refund the full amount back to the same card used to place the order. If more than a period of seven working days has passed since you placed your order, or if we have already passed on your order to the publisher, you will need to contact the publisher directly to arrange the cancellation. Each publisher will have their own cancellation policy and refunds will be given at their own discretion.